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Hello! My name's Alice. I'm a British accent and pronunciation coach based in London. I teach English learners how to communicate in English more clearly and fluently.

 I have the technical, academic and practical skills to help you improve your English accent.  

 Over 60,000 students have joined me on their path to a clearer and more fluent English accent. What are you waiting for? 


I grew up in the countryside in Cheltenham in England, but my international English teaching career has transported me all around the world helping people like you improve your accent. 

I have and teach the English Received Pronunciation accent, otherwise known as Standard Southern British English or the (previously accurate) BBC English accent.

Teaching Experience

I have twelve years of experience teaching English and eight years as a pronunciation coach. 

I became CELTA-qualified in 2011 after graduating from Royal Holloway, The University of London. 

As a self-confessed language nerd, I speak French and Spanish fluently: I understand the importance and nature of accent addition.

Frustration with Pronunciation Resources

In 2013, only two years after becoming CELTA qualified, I became frustrated at the lack of practical pronunciation materials and support for English learners wanting to improve their accent, specific to your native language. Also, many accent coaches use old-fashioned and impractical methods at a great cost to you. 

Since then, I have made it my mission to change this situation by providing interactive, inspiring and practical lessons.

The Birth of the Peak Pronunciation Programme

When I was living in Madrid, I decided to create an English pronunciation course, the Peak Pronunciation Programme for my private students. I designed a course I would not only use, but also enjoy if it were in French or Spanish. In 2020, lo and behold, the Peak Pronunciation Programme was born.